One of the hardest doctrines of the Church to understand is that God loves us all with an equal and perfect love, no matter who we are or what our choices in life.  The Church accepts you as you are, warts and all.  None of us is perfect but we are all perfectly loved.


By asking for baptism for your baby, you are accepeting the responsibility of bringing him or her up in the practice of the Catholic faith.


At the rite of Baptism, when your baby is being baptised, you will be asked if you clearly understand what you are undertaking.  Baptism is the beginning of the faith journey of your child and not a one-off event.  You make a promise to bring your child to church and, when the time comes, to support them in First Communion and Confirmation.


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If we go to Confession, it is not to plead for forgiveness from God. 

It is to thank Him for forgiveness and to make a commitment to forgive ourselves (sometimes very difficult) and to forgive all those people who may have hurt us.


When God forgives our sins, 

He is not changing His mind about us. He is changing our minds about Him...


Sacrament of The Sick

Parishioners who have a serious illness are welcome to have the Sacrament of The Sick ( also known as the Anointing of the Sick) in thier homes. This can take place in the presence of family and friends, if the sick person wishes, or during a weekday Mass in Church.


This Sacrament dates from the ministry of Christ's first disciples - it is actually referred to in the New Testament Letter of St James - and consists of the laying on of hands, anointing with Holy Oil, and a prayer that asks God to heal the sick person and to restore him/her to full health. This Sacrament is for the LIVING and is not the 'Last Rites'.

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