Those who trust in the Lord walk with Him always


The Greek word Makarios, translated into Latin as Beatus and subsequently into English as Blessed is a word that correctly translates straight into English as Walks with God.  And so the Blessed (or happy) person is one who is in the presence of God and stays with Him, always aware of that presence.

How does society in general view the understanding of happiness?  It is generally about getting what you want today and not worrying about the consequences.  This has led to serious problems ranging from Brexit negotiations to post-abortion stress syndrome.  People make a decision one day then realise the consequences but cannot go back to rectify the error.  True happiness can only be found in the things that meet our deepest needs as persons, not just for today but also for the future.  Prisoners are not happy about their present situation, but they can be happy at the prospect of freedom.  Those who mourn today can recognise that with time they may come to terms with their loss, and those who are poor may be better off in the future, especially if they work at their situation in life today and build on it.

Jesus is our Saviour.  He doesn’t give us all the answers today but shows us how, if we recognise that He walks with us today, He will bring us out of our present difficulties into a brighter future. 

The beatitudes are not necessarily about today but about where God is leading us.  

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